Hi! I'm Terri!

Over 20 years as a photographer has revealed what is truly unique about my passion for my craft and for my clients.

I LOVE to help people realize just how incredibly and beautifully created they are!

You are a masterpiece! Your life, your story, the fingerprint you will leave, the way you care for those you love.

These are the things that make you, "You"

I want to capture... "You"

I want those who love you to have images that genuinely reflect the beautiful way they see you.

I see something amazing in every person I meet.

I often see beauty that people are unable to see in themselves,

and I LOVE capturing images that reveal just how incredible, unique, and BEAUTIFUL you truly are.

Of course, physical beauty is not the most important thing about you, but I love and agree with this quote:

"Beauty is the light that shines out from within you."

I want to help you see just how beautiful your light is!

I look forward to hearing from you to set up your unique and fun photo session, and having the opportunity to create images that you and your loved ones will cherish!

Terri Behrens <3